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About Maximum Vitality

Maximum Vitality Are Industry Experts

Maximum Vitality™ was developed to offer a variety of sophisticated supplements directly to consumers. These supplements were originally developed for functional, regenerative medicine, and anti-aging doctors but are now available to everyone.  Our supplements are designed to help you achieve your personal goals for optimum health.

Our supplements are designed using the latest updated research, providing true benefits through high quality products.

We have actively attended and presented at a variety of conferences, including the Environmental Health Symposium, the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine Geriatric Research Group and others.  The scientists and doctors responsible for developing our formulations take pride in staying current on the most recent and ground-breaking medical findings.

In an ongoing effort to give back, a portion of all sales are donated to organizations with ongoing support of sustainability and nutraceutical research.

Those interested in enjoying the benefits of sophisticated nutritional support can turn to Maximum Vitality™ for a variety of supplement options.

We value diversity.  Diversity in your diet.  Diversity in your microbiome. Diversity in our staff.  Diversity of thoughts and opinions of scientists and staff.

About Howard Simon

I “retired” from the corporate world in 1999.  As one of many options I started a top-quality vitamin companywhich I launched because I suffered a long-term personal health crisis that inspired me to help others.  Rejuvenation Science® was born.

Through Rejuvenation Science, these sophisticated supplements were developed and sold exclusively to functional, regenerative medicine, and anti-aging doctors.  With the rise of health consciousness and a global health crisis, we decided to bring these supplements to everyone under the Maximum Vitality label. Our supplements are designed to help you achieve your personal goals for optimum health and vitality.

From birth to my 40’s I was exposed to all kinds of environmental contaminants including oil wells, a major oil refinery, Los Angeles smog, second-hand smoke, chlorine and floride in our drinking water, misinformation about processed vegetable oil fats (margarine, corn oil, etc.), and sugar and artificial sweetener loaded soft drinks.  I believe environmental contaminants were the cause of my colon problems.

As a result of my own health issues, I have learned so much about ways that diet, environment, and our microbiome affect health both positively and negatively.  I enjoy putting my business background, love of science and research, to good use making an impact on people’s lives and health.  Maximum Vitality is a way to give back, continue my research, and bring you a safe method to increase your health, vitality and performance at work, at home, and doing the things you love most. I love what I’m doing now.

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Due to a good surgeon, diet, exercise, a more balanced lifestyle, and targeted nutritional supplements, I made a full recovery within half a year of major surgery.  Recovery included healing, restoring muscle mass, physical endurance, restoring brain volume, focus, concentration, and memory.  I now educate physicians and play hours of 2-man beach volleyball with guys half my age on the weekends.  Having been through all this, I feel like a winner every time I play. My friends are usually wrong by 10-20 years when they guess my age.

I’m very grateful for all I have learned and for my recovery and I am passionate about paying it forward.  My mission is to help others achieve optimum health and vitality, even when the odds are against them.  In gratitude, I decided to create Maximum Vitality to bring the knowledge and sophisticated supplements we created for physicians directly to consumers.

This is a very personal journey that I am inspired and delighted to share.  I invite you to join me on your own path to health and success.