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Support Your Body
Enhancing Your Body & Life with Targeted Supplements

Supporting your body systems is a 24/7 task.  The active work is done during the day, such as exercise and eating.  But much of healing and restorative work is done at night while you are sleeping.

Body structure includes foundational health, brain health, gut health, heart health, skeletal and joint health, vascular health, other organs and systemic health, as well as the health of supporting actors such as the human microbiome.

All these body systems and parts are intricately interrelated.  The lungs and gut provide nutrient intake, such as oxygen and food, as well as waste clearance, such as carbon dioxide and feces.

Mitochondria exist in every cell in the body.  Mitochondria oxidize fats and produce energy for all cells in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  This energy is used for walking, running, breathing, thinking, memory, muscle action, growth, healing, fighting infection, functions of the liver, kidneys, GI tract, essentially every action in the body.

Support Your Body with Maximum Vitality Supplements

The human microbiome provides an invisible, semi-permeable, protective layer for the gut and all organs.  Like in the show Star Trek, when Scotty tells the Captain: “Shields up!” and the Captain responds with “Fire photon torpedoes!”  What we are witnessing is a perfect analogy to one of the functions of body systems of the human microbiome.

The shields are an intelligent, semi-permeable protective layer surrounding the starship Enterprise.  They protect the ship from attack, yet allow select objects and energies to pass through unimpeded.  Think nutrients and waste material are allowed to pass but block environmental contaminants such as hydrocarbons, gluten, chlorine, some pesticides, herbicides, plastics.  The microbiome also protects the epithelial (surface) tissue of the stomach and intestines from naturally occurring chemicals such as hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach and enzymes which digest tissue, such as meat.  For if the microbiome wasn’t present in the gut, hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes would eat right through (digest) your gut tissue, just like they do with food such as meat and other proteins.

Fascinating research has recently identified the Glymphatic system in the human body.  The glymphatic system provides nourishment to the central nervous system (CNS) which includes nerves, the spinal cord, and the brain.  It also removes cellular waste from the CNS, but 95% of waste removal is done while you are sleeping.  How many doctors do an exam while you are sleeping to evaluate this important process.

Support Your Central Nervous System with Maximum Vitality Supplements

Support the Most Important Body Systems

Foundational Health Supplements

Foundational Health: Every cell within the body systems needs a variety of nutrients, which vary somewhat based on the function of the cell or organ.  A lack of critical micronutrients, whether episodic or continuous, over time, leads to insidious damage to cells and organs, is a primary cause of diseases of aging according to Professor Bruce Ames’s research and publications.

Brain and Memory Support Supplements

Brain and Memory: Critical whether you are an executive, professional, entrepreneur, woman, man, weekend warrior, professional athlete.  The Brain needs specific critical nutrients to function at its peak. The brain uses more energy than any other organ within the body systems.

Biohacking Supplements for Gut Health

Gut Health: Likely the most critical cofactor for gut health is the symbiotic relationship that exists between the gut and your microbiome.  Support your microbiome by avoiding contaminants that hurt bacteria, which make up a preponderance of your microbiome.  Harmful chemicals include chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, hydrocarbons, molds, a high concentration of harmful bacteria, alcohol, and many household cleaning chemicals.

Cardiovascular Health Supplements

Cardiovascular Health: The heart and vascular system does its work 24/7 with no breaks … ever.  The heart is an energy machine, so the health of your cardiovascular mitochondria is critical.  Supporting blood flow by avoiding calcium build up in the soft tissue vasculature is critical also.

Joint Health Supplements

Joint Health: Attached to every bone are one or two joints.  Which bones have only one joint?  The ones at the ends of your fingers and toes.  Joints provide flexibility, cushioning, and lubrication to support movement of the skeletal structure.

Skeletal Health Supplements

Skeletal Health: Bones are where you want a mix of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and many other nutrients to accrue for bone strength.  As of 2019, we know there is a vast network of blood vessels, called trans-cortical vessels (TCVs) within bones.  This network is critical in transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout bone.  It also transmits stem cells and new immune cells formed in bone marrow out of the bones and to locations in the body systems that need to support the immune process and healing.  Whoever thought your bones are critical for immune support?

Approaches to Health

Medical practices tend to specialize in body parts, such as the skeleton and joints, or the heart, or kidneys, or lungs, or skin, or reproductive organs.  I would much prefer to see a medical practice support body systems through the mitochondria (supporting energy production throughout the body), the microbiome which supports every organ and system in the body, or a dietary doctor which supports nutrition for the body as a whole.

At Maximum Vitality our focus is on body systems as a whole.  Our mission is to help you excel in your career, at home, at your favorite sports, and provide for healthy aging.