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Body Energy
Supplements to Enhance Your Body’s Energy

Cellular body energy drives every action in the body – from beating of the heart, to cognitive functions of the brain such as focus, memory, decision making, and reaction time, to muscle actions, to breathing, all organ functions (such as liver, pancreas, gut, vascular, etc.), to immune response, healing and many more.

Just like a house or factory or car which uses energy for most everything, your body does not store much energy.  It generates it on demand in organelles which exist in every cell called the mitochondria.

RS Labs takes a five-vector approach to supporting body energy needs:

Support mitochondria with healthy food and targeted nutrients

Help the body to produce more mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis)

Support healthy blood circulation for oxygen and nutrient availability

Protect mitochondria from environmental contaminants

Remove microcontaminants from mitochondria

We do not favor artificial stimulants for a jolt of body energy.  These include coffee, caffeine, energy drinks or pharmaceutical drugs.

Key Research Results

Published research has shown that healthy mitochondria provide body energy for healthy functions in the body.  All these benefits will help you live a life of success, good health, happiness, and gratitude.

  • Healthy heart and muscle function 1,2
  • Normal vascular function and blood pressure 2
  • Healthy cognitive function, including focus and memory 4,7
  • Healthy energy levels 15
  • Less minor, occasional pain 5
  • Healthy, young skin 3,9,10,11
  • Less frequent migraine headaches 17
  • Healthy weight and body mass 3,14
  • Normal glucose metabolism 1,2
  • Healthy DNA and cell replication 4,6
  • Slow the aging process 4,12,13

What are Mitochondria and ATP?

Mitochondria are small, oval shaped organelles that convert energy from fats derived from whole food. I do not believe that hydrogenated fats (from processed foods) are of much use to the mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the major energy production centers in cells.

Scientists estimate there are 15 to 70 trillion cells in the human body.  Each cell contains 1,000 to 2,500 mitochondria.  That multiplies out to 15 to 750 quadrillion mitochondria in the human body.  Do you think supporting the mitochondria is valuable?  I stake my life, health, and vitality on it! 

Mitochondria age just as cells age.  Mitochondria are replaced regularly by a process called mitochondrial biogenesis. However, as people age, this process becomes less efficient.

The ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production cycle, also known as the Krebs cycle, provides critical body energy to every function in the body from beating of the heart to liver, kidney, brain and immune functions. The energy production portion of the cycle occurs in the mitochondria.  Research has shown that increasing the energy available to the cells helps the body operate at its optimum level.

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Normal Heart Function

The heart utilizes more energy than any other muscle in the body, thus the concentration of mitochondria within heart cells is higher than any other muscle group. Other than the brain and liver, the heart is the most susceptible organ to environmental toxicities, free-radical oxidative stress, heavy metal poisoning and episodic nutrient deficiencies. Yet it’s also highly responsive to the benefits of targeted nutritional supplements.1

The heart needs a large amount of oxygenated blood flow and mitochondrial nutrients to continually meet its huge body energy demands. The synergistic combination of Maximum Vitality® multi, E=MC2 Endurance Formula™ and Vascular Flex™ – maximizes cardio mitochondrial energy production.

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Normal Weight

Mitochondrial health and efficient metabolic processes go hand-in-hand with maintaining normal weight, glucose levels, and muscle mass.3

Researchers at Bastyr University in Washington state have identified a growing body of research that has shown a link between various disturbances in mitochondrial functioning and type 2 diabetes. Researchers identified the complexity of pancreatic mitochondrial functioning. Mitochondria are an integral part of the insulin system found in islet cells of the pancreas. This basic research into the pathogenesis of diabetes has led to the awareness of natural therapeutics, such as coenzyme Q10 and PQQ, that increase mitochondrial functioning in all cells, resulting in maintaining normal weight and glucose levels.14

Brain Health and Migraine Headache

Researchers have demonstrated that migraine headache patients have impaired mitochondrial function resulting in a reduction of body energy production in brain tissue.17 Research has also shown an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in men and women who suffered from migraines.18  Is this a coincidence?

Nutrients essential for mitochondrial energy production include magnesium, CoQ10, and PQQ. Controlled trials have demonstrated that supplementing with either magnesium or Coenzyme Q10 can reduce the attack rate in migraine sufferers,17 just as they benefit heart health.1

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RS Labs Five-Vector Approach to Supporting the Body Energy Needs

1. Support mitochondria with targeted nutrients

The primary source of body energy nutrients is your diet.  Eat a clean, balanced diet as we describe on the foundational health page.  For those inevitable micronutrient gaps in even the best diet, we recommend a sophisticated multivitamin such as Maximum Vitality® multi.

E=MC2 Endurance Formula™ directly supports the mitochondria and vascular system with high absorption CoEnzymeQ10, PQQ, and other branded nutrients.

Energy Spark™ provides Ubiquinol, the anti-oxidant form of CoQ10 to support mitochondrial ATP production process.

2. Help the body to produce more mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis)

PQQ, a critical component of E=MC2 Endurance Formula™, has been shown to support mitochondrial biogenesis, the production of new and more mitochondria, throughout the body.

3. Support healthy blood circulation for oxygen and nutrient availability

Vascular Flex™ supports circulation of oxygen and micronutrients, enabling healthy mitochondrial body energy production.

4. Protect mitochondria from environmental contaminants

Same as for your gut and all other organs and systems, your microbiome protects your body, including the fragile and prolific mitochondria, from environmental micro-contaminants.  Support your microbiome with Gut Optimizer™ – Probiotics and Gut Optimizer™ – Colostrum.

5. Remove microcontaminants from mitochondria

Micro-Contaminant Detox Therapy™ was formulated to assist in the removal of heavy metals, other micro-contaminants, and support the liver in removal of waste circulating in the body.