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Improve Your Life
Improving Your Body & Life with Targeted Supplements

Improve your life as a parent, weekend warrior, executive, professional, entrepreneur, or whatever you strive to achieve.

Improve your life by improving the functions in your body, such as energy production, immune health, sleep and relaxation, healthy weight, vision, minimizing minor occasional anxiety and pain, enhancing your gut function, and by helping the body remove environmental contaminants.

All these functions are intricately related.  They supply nourishment, energy, protective mechanisms and healing, as well as support attitude and focus.

Energy is one of the most valuable functions to improve your life, for it affects every action in the body.  Energy is produced in mitochondria, tiny organelles that are in every cell in your body.  Energy is used for smiling, yawning, thinking, focus, memory, movement, and to support heart, lung, liver, kidney, and muscle functions.  However, energy is not stored in the body, it is produced on demand.  Keep your mitochondria plentiful, healthy, and free of microcontaminants that may reduce the ability to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the molecule of energy.

Nutrient assimilation via the process of eating and digestion is a high energy function.  However, the microbiome which digests and ferments food in your gastrointestinal tract generates its own energy from insoluble fiber in your diet.


Your immune system is critical these days.  More than ever, it’s worth an investment in immune supportive nutritional supplements.  One of the most fascinating things I’ve learned lately is that the health of the vascular system in your bones is critical to immune health.  The blood flowing through your bones allows stem cells and new immune cells to travel out of bone marrow to wherever they are needed in your body.

Improve Your Life with Nutritional Support

Cellular Energy Supplements

Energy is the core of who we are.  Some would say we are just energy fields that exist in the universe.  Our bodies produce energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the mitochondria.  Plentiful, healthy mitochondria that are not encumbered with environmental microcontaminants provide life’s energy to the cells in the body for all body functions.  The largest use of energy is in the brain, second is the heart.  Learn more about how to enhance the number of mitochondria in your cells (mitochondrial biogenesis), spark energy production in the mitochondria, and transfer that energy in your body.  The ability to naturally outproduce energy versus your coworkers and competitors is a key factor in setting yourself up to improve your life in the boardroom, on the sports field, raising a family, or any endeavor.

Immune Support Supplements

Immune Health:  Every day we are bombarded with germs, bacteria, and viruses, which a healthy immune system keeps under control.  A strong immune system lets you choose to spend your time on what you want rather than fighting colds and flu and recuperating from being sick.

Sleep and Relaxation Supplements

Sleep and Relaxation are critical to health and wellbeing.  There are 168 hours in a week.  A typical executive will spend 50 to 70 of those hours working.  To be most productive, we should spend 49 to 56 hours per week sleeping.  Sometimes you just need a little help, and you don’t want it to be a drug, to help you relax or fall asleep.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss: I once lost 30% of my body weight in a few months, but being emaciated and sick is not the way you want to lose weight.  We have a great article for you which talks about many reasons you can’t lose weight, even with the best diet.  The solutions are not what you expect.

Vision Supplements

Vision is critical to life, work, reading, sports, and most activities.  You can help preserve it with targeted nutrients that support vision health.  These nutrients protect the rods and cones of your macula, the back of your eyeball where light is focused from the cornea, from too much blue light from TVs, phones, and computer displays.

Toxin Removal Supplements

Environmental Contaminants can affect every function in your body.  They tend to accumulate in locations that use the most energy, such as mitochondria and the brain, potentially reducing function wherever they accrue.  On the other hand, when the body is saturated with environmental contaminants and cannot clear them fast enough through the liver and kidneys, the body tries to isolate them.  Where does it do this?  In ectopic fat which accumulates around the stomach and thighs.  To improve your life for optimum health, help your body eliminate environmental microcontaminants with targeted nutritional supplements.

CBD Hemp Tinctures

Occasional Minor Pain, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, and weight gain:  Your endocannabinoid system are involved in the regulation of appetite, immune function, sleep and pain management.  Satiate those endocannabinoid receptors with CBD to reduce occasional minor pain, anxiety, sleeplessness and weight gain.

Daily Health Supplements

Convenience: What would a busy person like you do for a few extra minutes every day?  Not only are our daily packs convenient for at home, when going out for meals, and traveling, they increase compliance.  Compliance is the term that doctors use to understand how often you take what they prescribe.

Prescription Medication Nutrient Depletion

Prescription Medication Nutrient Depletion: Do you know what causes many prescription drug side effects?  They are often caused by nutrient depletion caused by the drugs.  Support depleted nutrients with supplementation.  See our Prescription Medication Nutrient Depletion charts here.