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MMM Protocol
Supplements Formulated to Support MMM Theory
MMM Protocol

Supplements supporting MMM Theory contained in MMM Protocol

Supplements Included in MMM Protocol

Directly Support the Microbial Mucosal Milieu
Diversity Probiotics I            Gut Optimizer Colostrum        Gut Optimizer Probiotics
Oral Probiotics             Whey to Strength

Support Microcontaminant Clearance
Detox Glutathione          Detox Probiotics               Flush! Colon Cleanse
Herbal Siesta               Maximum Vitality ESP multi        Micro-Contaminant Detox Therapy

Mitochondrial Support
E=MC2 Endurance Formula          NAD+ Boost!                   Energy Spark

Tissue Rebuilding Support
Executive Edge Krill Oil           Maximum Vitality ESP Multi       Whey to Strength

Stress Reduction
No Stress!                Equilibrium! CBD Hemp Tincture
Herbal Siesta                         Melatonin SR

Remove Precipitating Factors (Environmental Contaminants)*
Diet                        EMF Reduction                  Exercise           Far Infrared Sauna
HEPA Air Filter (standalone or in HVAC System)             Household Cleaners
Minor Mold Treatment     Probiotic Soap / Body Wash
Produce Wash              Reverse Osmosis (RO) Kitchen Filter
Shower Filter               Whole House Water Filter
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