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Vision Support
Keep Your Sight on Success with Vision Health Supplements

Rising stars within the workplace rely heavily on optimal performance to quickly climb the career ladder, and with the right vision support supplements, they will be standing at the top. Give your eyes the support they need to ace a forty plus hour week sitting in front of the computer, a smart phone, or reading the fine print of a contract. The nutrients in vision health supplements keep your eyes as sharp as your keen sense of business.

Athletes and e-gamers rely on acute vision, fast response time and vision support outdoors or in front of a display screen.

Vision Supplements for Executives

How Supplements Boost Vision Support

Visual performance is a key contributor to success as a business executive or small business owner. Your professional aspirations require a strong commitment to supporting the body, including vision, to nurture your ambitions.

Modern business executives are turning to supplements to help them put a balanced support system in place to avoid common work-related vision issues such as:

Strained eyesight

Tired eyes

Minor occasional headache

Eye strain is common among those in the business world due to the number of screen-based responsibilities they handle each day. However, a winner would never let issues such as these hold them back from making their dreams a reality.

For most executives experiencing strained or tired eyes, the issue then becomes, “How can I take better care of my vision?” One answer is from the inside out with micronutrients demonstrated to be beneficial for vision.

While consumption of several forms of vitamin E and vitamin dense foods such as medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oils, seeds, nuts, colorful fruits and vegetables such as berries and tomatoes, play a key role in supporting vision, many business executives find a regularly varied diet unsustainable every day in the long run. Taking vision supplements takes the guess work out of which foods have the nutrients you need and how many of those nutrients you need each day. Vision supplements support your eyesight with critical nutrients in one convenient dose.

Vision Supplements for Business Professionals

Some primary benefits of optimal vision support via supplements include:

Clearer vision

Better visual focus

Clearer eyes

Less eye irritation

These are all benefits that assist those with screen-based obligations to rise above their colleagues and become an office frontrunner.  Others will notice.

Recommended Vision Support Supplements

Put boardroom success in your sights and let vision support supplements help lead the way. To keep your vision, eyes, and performance at their best, consider the following Maximum Vitality supplements for vision support:

I SEE CLEARLY™: This visual optimizer contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which selectively concentrate on the eye’s retina to form the macular pigment. These two powerful antioxidants, naturally found in fruits and vegetables, provide retinal protection against oxidative stress caused by normal UV and blue light exposure on the eye. This supplement is perfect for those who spend hours every day in front of a computer display or cell phone screen.

Executive Edge™: If you are looking for an additional edge in the boardroom or on special projects, this supplement contains natural bioavailable omega-3 oil from tiny shrimp-like crustaceans called krill that thrive in the Antarctic. The krill are gathered on dedicated fishing ships under the supervision of the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). These omega-3s may help keep the eye moist by supporting the eye’s production of oil for tears.

Maximum Vitality® multi, among so many other ingredients, contains the equivalent of what is found in a targeted vision support formula, such as the micronutrients identified in the Age-Related Eye Disease studies (AREDS) for preserving vision. These vision nutrients include high bioavailability vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper, bilberry, lutein, and astaxanthin.

Keep your eye on the prize without long hours or screen-based work hampering your performance when you take top of the line vision support supplements. For more information about vision support and other areas such as brain, heart, and gut support, please review those topics on the Maximum Vitality site or contact Maximum Vitality directly.