You may place your order online, by phone to 800-401-9186, by fax, by email to sales@maximumvitality.com or as an optional auto-reorder, or at your local supplement store (see below).

Yes, we use the latest encryption features, including 256-bit SSL encryption.  Your banking information is sent directly to our merchant account provider; we can only see the last four digits of your credit card number.

Nutritional supplements are subject to sales tax.  However, because we are a small business, we are only required to collect sales in the state where we are located.  So, we only collect sales tax or orders shipped to addresses in California.

We appreciate any request you make to your local store to carry our products.  If your request ends up with a store ordering our products, we will provide you with a $100 credit on your next order from us.  Please drop us an email to sales@maximumvitality.com with your name and the store’s name and contact information to ensure your $100 credit after the store places their order.  If there are multiple requests for one store, the first person who emails us will receive the $100 credit.  Other unrelated people will receive a $20 credit.

On your first order you will receive a 15% discount on everything on the order.  This discount is in addition to the discount you receive for setting up a product or products on auto-order.

Generally no, unless you go to the trouble of setting up a new account with a different email address.


Small orders are shipped via USPS.  Larger orders are generally shipped FedEx.  You may choose a faster shipping time by choosing one of the options when checking out.

Yes, if your U.S. order totals $70 or more before sales tax and shipping charges.

You will receive an email notification with shipping and tracking information when your order is shipped. The information is also available by logging into your account at maximumvitality.com.


We have been in business over 18 years, marketing products to physicians and other health care providers. Maximum Vitality is our new brand for consumers.

Our quality program begins with research, continues to product formulation, choice of contract manufacturer, specifies components to source, and ends with the support we provide to our customers. You may read more about it here: https://www.maximumvitality.com/quality/


When you sign up for auto-reorder, you can save 25% on the first bottle(s) and all subsequent shipments.

Yes, you can log into your account to cancel or change the frequency of your auto-reorder any time after the initial order is shipped. If you try to cancel an auto-reorder on the date it is supposed to be shipped, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to stop your auto-reorder from being charged and shipped.