Brain Support and Memory Supplements
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Brain and Memory Supplements
Enhancing your Memory, Focus and Concentration with Targeted Supplements

Physical Factors Which Impact Brain Function

It is my opinion that there are four primary physical factors which impact brain function leading to superior or less than optimal cognitive health, memory support, and focus.  Memory support products can help with all of these. The four brain factors are:

  1. Brain Nourishment
  2. Cellular Energy for Cognitive Support
  3. Physical Brain Integrity
  4. Micro Contaminants in the Brain

Whether it is in the boardroom, classroom, or an athletic competition, brain support will enhance an individual’s natural abilities and facilitate optimal performance.  Brain and memory support supplements can take your cognitive skills to a whole new level, ready to take command of any situation, and succeed and thrive within it.

As an executive, small business owner, parent, sports enthusiast, or biohacker, you seek great memory, high cognitive function, mental focus and stamina in what you spend so many hours per day doing.

Much has been published on brain function on the internet, but we seek to provide new information that is not so commonly available.

  • The brain uses more energy than any other organ in the body. Thus, enhancing cellular energy production in your brain cells can lead to better focus, cognitive health, and memory support.
  • It was recently discovered that the lymph system supports the Central Nervous System (CNS), including the brain. Scientists and doctors have studied the body for hundreds of years, yet a new pathway was discovered just eight years ago which explains how cellular waste products are removed from the brain.
  • Newly named the Glymphatic System, it was established that the lymph system clears contaminants from the CNS, including the brain.  And 90 percent of its function is done while you are sleeping.  This suggests several ways to improve cognitive function and memory: get a good night’s sleep, support the clearance of waste products and microcontaminants from the brain, and protect the brain from ingress of microcontaminants.  We will discuss these strategies below.
  • Now common knowledge, the brain consists of mostly fats. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) DHA and EPA, and Choline are the predominant ones.  Yet, these fatty acids work synergistically with each other and many other micronutrients.
Brain and Memory Support Supplements

Brain Nourishment for Memory Support

The brain is made up of fats, neurons, blood vessels, and mitochondria.  Phosphatidyl Choline (PC), Phosphatidylserine (PS), and DHA are the most common fats in the brain.  Supplementing with Executive Edge™ Krill Oil (providing EPA, DHA naturally conjugated with choline) and PS provide key nutrients the brain needs for focus, cognitive health, and memory support.

Nootropics are supplements that may improve cognitive function, particularly focus, executive function, support memory, creativity, or motivation in healthy individuals.

Nootroperall Focus!™ provides an excellent mix of nootropics – nutrients and polyphenols other than omega-3s: PS, Acetyl L-Carnitine, DMAE, Alpha GPC, vinpocetine, huperzine A, and others that the brain needs in addition to omega-3s.  This formula along with phospholipid—bound omega-3s in krill oil has been especially beneficial for children and adults experiencing difficulty with attention and focus.

Satiate your endocannabinoid receptors with Equilibrium!™ CBD Hemp Tincture for reduction of occasional mild anxiety, sleeplessness, or pain.

Cellular Energy for Cognitive Support

The human brain uses more energy than any other organ in the human body.  Thus the mitochondria are critical to brain function.   Mitochondria are tiny organelles in every cell where the local production of energy occurs.  Support your mitochondria to support optimal brain function – cognitive, memory support, focus, and stamina.

Energy Spark™ provides the unique, antioxidant form of Coenzyme Q10 called ubiquinol.  It acts as the trigger for production of mitochondrial energy in the ATP energy production process.  Energy is used for all brain functions including healing.

E=MC2 Endurance™ Formula supports multiple vectors of cellular energy in the brain and other organs.  It is our best energy and endurance formula, which increases overall energy production, maximizes NO and endurance capacity, and enhances cognitive function.  It provides a mix of name brand ingredients, each with independent studies showing their performance, as well as a new study demonstrating how effective the formula works synergistically.

Clearer focus and thinking

Better decision making

Increased energy

Improved cognitive performance

Decreased irritability

Physical Brain Integrity

In a lecture on traumatic brain injury at an Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM) medical conference in San Diego, Michael Lewis MD, described his research at the VA with veterans suffering from this condition.  He believes that high dose omega-3s provide the brain with basic building blocks for recovery from this trauma.  His clinical research has shown the benefit.

In discussions after his lecture, we talked about choline in Executive Edge™ Krill Oil providing the mortar in his analogy.  You need both bricks and mortar to build a strong wall in the same way you want to support brain function such as focus, cognitive health, and memory support.

Don’t be misled that only one nutrient – DHA – is needed by the brain.  All of these nutrients need a compliment of other cofactors to provide the best cognitive, focus, and memory support.  In nature, DHA and other omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA exist synergistically with omega-6, 7, 9, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidyl serine, in varying proportions in different fish and vegan sources.  Nature creates these complimentary oil blends.  Only pharmaceutical companies and the physicians trained by them believe that a single nutrient will act as a silver bullet solution, absorb, circulate, and act independently of all other other nutrients in the body.  Testing on the fatty acids in Executive Edge Krill Oil identified 57 different choline bindings of the various polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in this oil.  This diversity of PUFA forms is a distinct benefit and should be celebrated by taking 1-2 softgels per day.

Micro-Contaminants in the Brain

So easy to accumulate, so difficult to remove.  Whether young or old, susceptible people cannot function at full capacity if their brain is plagued by ubiquitous environmental contaminants such as heavy metals, hydrocarbon molecules, herbicides, pesticides or any other micro-contaminant.

More and more kids are being diagnosed with brain development and behavioral issues.  Understanding that they reflect exposure to environmental contaminants and dietary gaps, sheds light on ways to avoid or deal with these societal issues.

Many adults fear reduced brain function as a result of aging.  Understanding that lifelong exposure to environmental contaminants and poor sleep and diet are key contributors, also sheds light on ways to minimize the risk.

The solution is to strengthen your protective tissue barriers and remove accumulated micro-contaminants.

High dose probiotics such as those in Gut Optimizer™ – Probiotics, taken in conjunction with Gut Optimizer™ – Colostrum will strengthen your vascular microbiome, which acts as an intelligent microbiome barrier, lining the epithelial cells (surface) of your blood-brain barrier (BBB).  This novel approach is described in my international patent applications US 16/095,283, European EP17786578.9, and Australia 2017253087.

Omega-3 EPA and DHA conjugated (naturally bound) to Phospholipids in Executive Edge™ Krill Oil provide essential nutrients to strengthen the physical tissue barrier.

A sophisticated formula such as Micro-Contaminant Detox will slowly remove contaminants which have accumulated in the adult or child’s body, based on published protocols by Garry Gordon, MD, DO. It also supports elimination of microcontaminants through the liver.  Thus, this implicates liver function for memory support.

Supplements for Brain Support

We offer men and women high-performance supplements that assist with brain support to help our clients achieve optimal results in all that they do. We recommend the following supplements for those seeking to boost brain support:

  • E=MC2 Endurance Formula™: This formula may increase overall energy production, maximize endurance capacity, and enhance cognitive function. It is designed to improve cognitive, cardiovascular, and sexual health and is a unique combination of four researched and branded components.
  • Energy Spark: The key ingredient in this supplement is Ubiquinol, an antioxidant form of Coenzyme Q10. It is a crucial component in the ATP cellular energy production cycle and plays a key role in maintaining health energy levels, promoting cardiovascular health, and protecting DNA from free radical induced oxidative damage.
  • Equilibrium!™ CBD Hemp Tincture Cinnamon: Organic and full spectrum, this is nano-enhanced for superior bioavailability, Supercritical CO2 extracted CBD Hemp tincture. It may contain as many as five hundred phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids and supports the endocannabinoid system with natural cinnamon flavor. Each bottle contains 120 servings and is   third party lab tested for potency and purity. It is vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten free, and sugar free.
  • Equilibrium!™ CBD Hemp Tincture Peppermint: A natural peppermint flavor that is organic, full spectrum, and nano-enhanced, this supports the endocannabinoid system. One bottle of Equilibrium!™ CBD Hemp Tincture Peppermint has 120 servings and is gluten free, sugar free, non-GMO, vegetarian and third party lab tested for purity and potency.
  • Executive Edge™: This supplement is designed to support brain health via cell membrane integrity. The superstar ingredient for Executive Edge™ is natural bioavailable omega-3 oil from Antarctic krill (tiny shrimp-like crustaceans). Consumers can feel confident in this purchase as the krill are fished on dedicated fishing ships under the supervision of the World Wildlife Federation (WWF).
  • Nootroperall Focus!™: Designed to optimize cognitive function and assist with focus, memory, creativity, and motivation, Nootroperall Focus!™ is lab tested and features Phosphatidyl Serine (PS), Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC), Alpha GPC, and Vinpocetine.
  • Vegan Omega-3: This is a high-quality source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from algae. Because it consists of EPA and DHA instead of alpha-Lipoic acid from flax seed oil, and does not require a difficult metabolic conversion process in the body, it is more active in the brain.

It is time to leave average behind and start slaying your professional and athletic goals like you mean it with Maximum Vitality supplements. If you have questions about supplements that offer brain support, please reach out to us today to see how we can be a part of your journey to greatness.