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Executive Health
Aligning Health Goals with The Demands of Success

Aligning Executive Health To Meet Professional Goals

What they don’t teach you in business school (or medical school . . . but it is effective there too) is the importance of taking care of your most valuable asset, your health. As careers advance, the natural inclination is to focus on business, but as executive and professional demands increase so does the need for good health, a strong immune system, brain and memory support.

The student, analyst, executive, or professional who is on their game has a distinct advantage. Whether they are situated in a cubicle, at their virtual office working remotely, seeing customers or patients, at the trading desk, in the lab or corner office, or in the boardroom, they are more alert, think faster and smarter, and have the energy to shine and outlast their coworkers. The person who gets a good night’s sleep, doesn’t get sick, comes to work alert and with a great attitude, and has the innate energy to persevere in spite of the inevitable obstacles will be the person who is recognized and promoted the fastest.

All these characteristics of executive health can be enhanced with a relatively healthy diet, sleep, exercise, and nutritional supplements for executive function.

Supplements for Executive Function and Brain Power

Foundational Health Support for Executive Health

You’ve got your credentials. You’re hired for the job. You’re continuously learning new skills and applying them. Now is the time to excel and continue to excel after your coworkers have hit their late morning or afternoon stimulant or nap time. Coffee and sweeteners or starches are great stimulants, but they do not provide true energy for your brain and body to operate at their best. Your brain is the most important tool any executive has and you should strive for high-performance executive health by supporting the most important tool in your body.

Excel At Work

Maximum Vitality® multivitamin helps fill the inevitable gaps in a good or not so good diet. As the old saying goes, a system is only as good as its weakest link.  So your mind and body perform their best when there are not gaps in your micro-nutrient needs.

Embrace Your Executive Edge

Executive Edge™ provides the omega-3s and phospholipids that power your brain and body. This naturally abundant special source, lower on the food chain than fish, provides these nutrients in a form that passes through cells and the blood-brain-barrier more effectively than any other source, such as fish oil.  The brain uses more energy than any other organ in the body.  It’s the one that you want to be consistently firing on all cylinders.  Executive Edge™ provides natural brain energy.  Imagine being almost as smart as your kids or coworkers think they are.  Our unique source of brain food is Antarctic krill oil.

Emphasize Your Gut Health

All nutrients, except oxygen are digested and absorbed through the gut. Thus you want your microbiome (the bacteria in your gut) to be at its best.  Not only does the microbiome support digestion of food, but it intelligently provides protection against harmful environmental contaminants.  And the microbiome supports intelligent elimination of the body’s waste material.  About half of a bowel movement is bacteria that has given its life in support of the host – you.  Support your microbiome with a variety of strains and a multi-billion dose of probiotics such as in Gut Optimizer™

Energize Your Performance

Energy Spark™  provides Coenzyme Q10 in ubiquinol form. Ubiquinol is the antioxidant form of CoQ10 which provides the spark of energy in the cellular ATP production cycle.

For those who are focused on executive health and who travel, eat breakfast on the run or eat dinner out, or just want the convenience of daily packs, we offer two options.
  1. The Traveler™ Daily Packs provide Maximum Vitality®, Superfoods Immune Energizer™, and more in a convenient daily pack.
  2. Road Warrior™ Daily Packs provide all the components in The Traveler™ Daily Packs plus Executive Edge™ and Energy Spark™

Recommended Supplements for Executive Function

These specialty supplements may be useful based on your executive health goals.

  • E=MC2™ Endurance Formula increases overall energy production, maximizes endurance capacity, and enhances cognitive function.* Targeted for cognitive health, cardiovascular health, and sexual health.
  • Memory Nootropics™ are supplements that may improve cognitive function, focus, memory, creativity, or motivation in healthy individuals.
  • Herbal Siesta™ combines the powerful properties of melatonin and GABA with key amino acids and soothing herbs. This uniquely comprehensive combination provides a potent and relaxing nighttime formula.
  • CuraFlame™ Curcumin contains antioxidants which support your immune system and inflammatory balance.* It inhibits the COX-II enzyme, reducing minor occasional pain.*
  • I SEE CLEARLY™ contains antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which selectively concentrate in the retina of the eye to form the macular pigment. These two powerful antioxidants, naturally found in fruits and vegetables, protects the retina against oxidative stress caused by normal UV and blue light exposure on the eye.