E=MC2 Endurance™ Formula

E=MC2 Endurance™ Formula

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E=MC2 Endurance™ Formula Energy Supplement

Our best energy and endurance formula increases overall energy production, maximizes NO and endurance capacity, and enhances cognitive function.∗ Targeted for cognitive health, cardiovascular health, sexual health, sports performance, and overall endurance.∗ Formulated with a unique combination of four natural researched and branded components plus L-Arginine.

Promotes improved energy and stamina.*

Oxystorm® provides a highly concentrated source of nitrate, extracted and purified from Amaranthus, or red spinach leaves. This 100% water-soluble extract is freed from oxalates and contains a neutral pH of seven. Research continues to demonstrate the impact of nitrate on vasodilation, and as a result, maximal endurance capacity and exercise performance. In fact, NO could be a product of the organic compound, L-Arginine-which has also been shown to market vasodilation and improve blood flow within the arteries.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone, as PureQQ™, offers nearly 100% purity, and has been FDA GRAS, or “generally recognized as safe” certified, for utilization in food and beverages. Pyrroloquinoline quinone initiates spontaneous mitochondrial biogenesis (growth of new mitochondria), which is important for human health and longevity.

H2Q™ uses the pure, bioenhanced, and patented Hydro-Q-Sorb® CoQ10, which is 100% natural, 100% vegetarian, and non-GMO. Furthermore, it’s an All Trans CoQ10 and a USP Grade CoQ10, with NO artificial ingredients, NO soy, and NO E. CoQ10 levels decrease with age and could be even lower in people taking certain prescription medications. With its role in mitochondrial biogenesis and, as a result, energy production, supplementing with CoQ10 may be especially beneficial in aging adults.

Epicatechin, as PhytoSure™, is a validated, authenticated, and patented product, ensuring the safety of its users. Apart from its role in mitochondrial enzyme function and vasodilation, epicatechin has been shown to provide a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health.

E=MC2 Endurance™ Formula energy supplement beautifully integrates branded products from reputable manufacturers, to make a unique and innovative formulation, promoting energy production, improving endurance capacity and performance, and optimizing cognitive function, while reducing oxidative stress and also the effects of aging.

H2Q® is a registered trademark of Health Thru Nutrition
HyrdoQsorb® is registered trademark of Tishcon Corp.
PureQQ™ is a trademark of Nascent Health Sciences
Phytosure™ is a certification mark of CAS BioSciences, LLC, all rights reserved, and is assurance of the strictest quality standards.
Oxystorm® is a registered trademark of Arjuna Natural Extracts, Ltd.

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Founder's Comments

I’m 64 years old and play beach volleyball with a group of friends that range from 20 to 50 years old. Their average age is probably a little more than half my age. I take E=MC2 Endurance Formula religiously and believe it helps me never run out of energy, when my friends who are half my age need to sit out a game to rest. I consider myself a winner whenever I play, but I do win about half the games I play. At our old office I used to run up three flights of stairs whenever I could. I would be out of breath for a minute, then back to normal.

I think this is one of our best formulas because it addresses so many sources of energy. Knowing that I have more mitochondria per cell than everyone around me and my energy production is operating at peak performance is my secret to why people sometimes comment that I never seem to run out of energy.

4 reviews for E=MC2 Endurance™ Formula

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    I originally heard about E=MC2 Endurance from one of my clients who said she was taking it and was having some really good results. I thought I would give it a try and I have been using it for a little more than 3 months now. It definitely has helped me with my energy levels. I have noticed a definite increase in my endurance, which is not only helpful in my athletic activities but also in my daily activities. I would definitely recommend E=MC2 to anybody looking to get more energy.

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    I am a self-described “endurance junkie” and I have been using E=MC2 for the past year. I have been using it for a year and a half now and I have seen an increase in my endurance, strength, and overall energy. My workouts have gotten longer, I have more endurance in my daily activities and my brain retain it’s ability to think as fast and as clearly as it did when I was younger.

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    I have been taking E=MC2 for a year and have experienced many benefits, especially with endurance. For example, I used to be able to only work out for 20 minutes at a time before I had to rest, but now I can run for an hour or more. I also feel much stronger in the gym and have no energy or endruance issues. I found myself naturally more energetic during the day, while sleeping better, and even having more energy during sexual activity.

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    I have tried many energy supplements and have nothing but good things to say about E=MC2. The product is easy to take (I take it right before breakfast) and is an effective energy booster, which is why I recommend it to my friends.

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