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My goal is to provide the ABSOLUTE BEST quality functional supplements for my patients. Maximum Vitality® has my stamp of approval!

  • They use the best ingredients available
  • They use up-to-date science to formulate the supplements and keep updating them.
  • They keep the cost reasonable
  • They keep it simple (as few pills as possible) so it is easy for busy people;
  • They keep the formulations clearly targeted and straightforward
  • They operate businesses with honesty and integrity.

With their Maximum Vitality® ESP multivitamin rated in the top 1% in a massive study of 1,600 multivitamins in North America, Maximum Vitality presents a simple, quality, anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine program for maintaining and enhancing your health.

Together we can provide you with the absolute best quality supplements, summaries of the most up-to-date scientific information available, a convenient way to order, and discounted prices for our friends.

I have arranged for you to receive a 10% discount when you use my coupon code: SAVE10, either via the internet or over the phone.

You will also receive deep discounts and free shipping if you sign up for automatic monthly or bi-monthly shipments.

Jing Fang Classics

P.S. You will receive a 10% discount when you order by using my coupon code SAVE10 on the internet or by phone. Just enter the code on the check-out page where it asks for a coupon code. You may also receive deep discounts and free shipping if you sign up for automatic refills.

Jing Fang Classics

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