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Performance Optimization
Better Ways to be a Better You

Performance Optimization Starts Here

Whether you spend most of your day in the business office, competing in sports, or juggling a family, life in the fast lane is demanding and requires nonnegotiable levels of support for success.  Supplements designed to help the body run smoothly and yield optimal performance are powerful and convenient tools for succeeding in your pursuits.

Supplements in high performing categories such as biohacking, executive health, sports health, and women’s health are some of the most popular amongst men and women of all ages and occupations because they make putting forward an optimal performance every day look easy.

Quit wondering how your peer does their job so perfectly all the time and instead take a piece of that pie for yourself by taking the right supplements for your specific performance needs.


Biohacking is a term not everyone is familiar with but should be if you are striving for a more consistent optimal performance.  Essentially biohacking is a wide range of activities that support the body’s microbiome through primary exercise, nutrition, and relaxation therapies.  The end results for such approaches should be enhanced overall health including increased focus, energy, and immune health. Biohacking is the ultimate performance optimization and enhancing lifestyle.

A solid biohacking approach should involve:

  • Offering micro-nutrients potentially missing from the diet
  • Avoiding and removing micro-contaminants altering the body’s natural health
  • Providing support for an individual’s natural protective microbiome
  • Rejuvenating the body’s natural healing via assistance with exercise, sleep, and cellular energy

Performance enhancing supplements optimization are a relatively small change that yields potentially big benefits whether you are an athlete, a business professional, a parent, or a weekend warrior because they aid with focus, energy, and awareness.


Executive Health Support

While school teaches you how to excel in the world of business, they do not always teach the importance of caring for the brain responsible for much of your success.  If caring properly for their brain health and professional game, the business executive and small business owner have an advantage over the competition.

Performance optimizing supplements aid success-minded individuals via better sleep, fewer sick days, faster response, more alertness, and greater levels of energy to conquer both the everyday and unexpected obstacles.  So, don’t quit striving after you’ve landed the job, use supplements to yield an optimal performance that leaves the competition standing in your shadow.

Supplements supporting performance optimization for executive health help:

  • Fill nutritional gaps with important nutrients.
  • Provide omega-3s and phospholipids to power the brain and body.
  • Maintain a healthy microbiome via digestion and waste elimination.
  • Experience increased energy to aid with pushing past your normal limits.

Sports Health Support

Performance optimization isn’t just about what you do inside the boardroom.  It is also about achieving athletic greatness on the links, court, slopes, field, pool, and gym.  Supplements are designed to help elevate you above the competition when it comes to sports health.

  • Basketball: A sport of endurance, basketball requires intense strength and coordination to perform well. Individuals playing on a regular basis often experience pressure on the joints from the fast and flexible movements on the hardcourt.  Supplements are recommended to help players maximize energy production and endurance capacity, enhance focus, provide joint cushioning, and minimize occasional minor pain.
  • Beach Volleyball: Although many consider beach volleyball a leisure activity, make no mistake about it- it is a demanding sport.  From needing energy and stamina to quickly traverse the sand to finding the coordination to never miss a ball, beach volleyball is especially taxing when played for several hours straight.  Supplements are instrumental in aiding players with optimal performance via increased endurance, energy, focus, stamina, and joint cushioning.
  • Cardio Activities (Cycling, Running, Skating): Any time your body is involved in cardio activity, it is being asked to work hard to get the heart rate up and burn calories.  The most popular cardio exercises for individuals tend to be cycling, running, and skating in various forms, but regardless they all ask much of the body in order to put forth an optimal performance.  Supplements designed to maximize joint cushioning, stamina, and energy are good ways to augment your performance.
  • Football: This contact sport is best for players who have high levels of energy, endurance, and strength.  No matter what position you take on the field, supplements help give you the edge.
  • Golf: Whether you are a seasoned golfer or an amateur your success at the game of golf comes down to more than just skill, it depends on your strength, flexibility, concentration, and stamina.  Without these abilities, even expensive golf lessons are a waste.  Performance optimization supplements assist golfers with sustained energy, maximized endurance, heightened focus, increased joint cushioning for walking the links, and minimization of minor pain.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding: Crisscrossing the wild and snowy slopes by skis or snowboards are athletic achievements in and of themselves.  These hard-core winter sports require flexibility for the joints as you maneuver down the slopes and the stamina to make it from the tallest mountain safely down to the bottom. Supplements are key in helping to protect the joints and giving you enough energy to ski and snowboard until you tire of it.
  • Soccer: This sport requires high levels of stamina and endurance to keep the body moving with speed and precision for the duration of the game.  Footwork focus and coordination are keys to success and the right supplements assist with both.
  • Surfing, Swimming, SUP: Water sports, in general, require a great deal of coordination and strength because you are harnessing the power of water.  Whether you are in the pool, the ocean, or in the bay, supplements work wonders for surfers and swimmers who need assistance with energy and stamina to compete.
  • Tennis (Paddle Tennis and Pickle Ball): Tennis is a fast-moving game on a hard court.  Don’t let the country club vibe fool you, tennis is a serious sport.  If you want to win, you will need the right supplements to fuel an outstanding performance.  Supplements focusing on joint cushioning, endurance, focus, and energy will be key.
  • Yoga and Pilates: These sports range from gentle stretching to intense core workouts that challenge the muscles.  Ongoing nutritional supplements help you get more out of your workouts.
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performance optimization for women's health

Women’s Health Support

Women are warriors in the form of parents, grandparents, business executives, award-winning athletes, and students.  It requires working hard and smart to juggle work with family, hobbies, and physical fitness.  Supplements are instrumental in boosting a woman’s immune health so that she doesn’t get sick, sleeps well, and maintains the energy needed to do the work at hand, overcome obstacles, and enjoy life.

Supplements geared for women’s health can assist with:

  • Filling in nutritional dietary gaps. Missing nutrients keep your body from running smoothly but with the right supplements, your body doesn’t have to be without them.
  • Improving cognitive function, memory, and focus. This helps elevate a woman’s performance across the board.
  • Promoting healthier skin. This can range from regrowth of epidermal skin cells to providing small molecule hyaluronic acid to increase skin moisture retention.
  • Providing phospholipids and omega-3s responsible for powering the body and brain. With the brain using more energy than almost any other organ in the body, it is critical to keep it healthy and provide it with everything it needs.
  • Maintaining gut health. Other than oxygen, nutrients are absorbed by the gut.  To ensure optimal performance, it is critical to keep gut bacteria (the microbiome) at its best so it can assist with the digestion of food, protect against environmental contaminants, and facilitate elimination of waste material from the body.
  • Providing antioxidants. For those who eat well, antioxidants can come naturally through their diet.  For others, supplements are instrumental in providing antioxidants in a convenient manner without having to worry so much about their diet.
  • Establishing relaxation. Combining GABA and melatonin with soothing herbs and amino acids helps an individual establish better rest and sleep experiences.