Four major criteria may be used in a premium multivitamin comparison in the medical marketplace. A summary practitioner multivitamin comparison is listed in the table.  Practitioner multivitamins are multivitamins recommended by medical doctors – MDs, DOs, NDs, nurse practitioners – NPs, Licensed Acupuncturists – LAc, Certified Health Coaches – CHC, and other medical practitioners.

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Value
  • Compliance
  • Independent Rating

Multivitamin Comparison

The 2017 6th edition Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements compared 1,600 multivitamins in North America.  These are the highest rated products from each practitioner multivitamin brand.  This table lists the contents of the manufacturer’s recommended daily dose and other published information.


Maximum Vitality®

Douglas Labs® Ultra Preventive® X

DaVinci® Metabolic Multi

Designs for Health® Complete Multi™

Thorne Research EXOS/Multi Vitamin Elite

Pure Encapsulations® Polyphenol Nutrients

ProThera® MultiThera® 1,2,3

Metagenics® Multigenics® Intensive Care

Ortho Molecular® Alpha Base

Vital Nutrients Multinutrients 2,3,5

Vitamin Research Products® Extend Core

Allergy Research Group® Multi-Vi-Min®


Life Extension® Mix™

Metagenics® PhytoMulti®

Nature Made® Multi for Her 50+

Pfizer Inc. Centrum® Silver Men

GNC Women's Ultra Mega 50 Plus


# pills per day4866666644 - 6319 - 142111# pills per day
MSRP Price per month$47.98$76.60$64.40$49.80$59.99$48.80$35.95$42.49$26.20$36.20 - 38.30$19.95$5.76$80.00-90.00$47.59MSRP Price per month
2017 Comparative Guide rating543. focus on nutrients for longevity, cell signaling, transcription factors521.51.52.52017 Comparative Guide rating
2017 Comp Guide Quality medalGold-----------manufacturing quality-----2017 Comparative Guide medal
2014 Comparative Guide rating55NR4.54NR4.554.544.52new findings on vitamin D3 & iodine531.51.532014 Comparative Guide rating
2007 Comparative Guide rating55NR33.5NR43.54.53.532new research on inflammation, oxidative stress, degenerative diseases5NR0.50.522007 Comparative Guide rating
2003 Comparative Guide rating100*95.4NRNR46.9NRNR51NRNR93.118.7*2004 update after publication, NR = not rated81.4NRNR4.728.22003 Comparative Guide rating
Available at internet discountersnoyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesAvailable at internet discounters
Premium Ingredients

Premium Ingredients

Coenzyme Q1020 mg00000000000expensive, assists ATP production00000Coenzyme Q10
trans-Resveratrol20 mg025 mg000000000lifespan support010 mg000trans-Resveratrol
alpha- & R-Lipoic Acid100 mg0150 mg10 mg0100 mg000050 mg0expensive, universal antioxidant00000alpha- & R-Lipoic Acid
Vitamin E Tocopherol Complex67 mg*0300 mg48 mg0^100.5 mg50 mg0*0Newer research demonstrates important benefits of these expensive natural forms of Vitamin E. *included but amount not specified.60 mg0000Vitamin E Tocopherol Complex
Vitamin E Tocotrienols10 mg0000000000000000Vitamin E Tocotrienols
Vitamin K-2180 mcg0100 mcg50 mcg200 mcg020 mcg062.5 mcg@000Longevity via cell signaling protein activation, enabling bone, artery, heart support.00000Vitamin K-2
Betaine (Trimethylglycine)75 mg114 mg0200 mg0100 mg0131 mg0025 mg0Methylation reactions and homocysteine balance100 mg0000Betaine
Green Tea Extract70 mg50 mg^075 mg100 mg000000immune system325 mg^000Green Tea Extract
Milk Thistle60 mg00000000000liver health100 mg0000Milk Thistle
Choline & PC75 mg60 mg100 mg100 mg150 mg100 mg150 mg94 mg50 mg0120 mg0structural integrity, cell membrane signaling, neurotransmission270 mg25 mg002.5 mgCholine & PC
Inositol100 mg100 mg125 mg100 mg0125 mg50 mg90 mg50 mg000signaling and secondary messenger molecules for bone, nerve, genetic expression250 mg25 mg002.5 mgInositol
DMAE30 mg00000000000brain and muscle support00000DMAE
Grape Seed Extract (Proanthocyanadins)30 mg50 mg00050 mg000020 mg0from grape seed, red wine and pine bark50 mg^000Grape Seed Extract (Proanthocyanadins)
MSM25 mg00000000000skin, hair & muscle support00000MSM
Turmeric25 mg0^0200 mg0000000immune system, liver00000Turmeric
Hawthorn25 mg00000000000heart benefits00000Hawthorn
N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine25 mg00000000000brain support00000N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
Quercetin25 mg0025 mg050 mg019 mg0000heart and endurance support00000Quercetin
Ginkgo Leaf20 mg00000000000for microcirculation000010 mgGinkgo Leaf
Bilberry5 mg^000100 mg000048 mg0vision150 mg^000Bilberry
Lycopene3 mg6 mg1.25 mg000000000blood pressure3 mg6 mg0600 mcg0Lycopene
Lutein2 mg6 mg6 mg0900 mcg6 mg0^004 mg0vision15 mg6 mg0300 mcg1 mgLutein
Boron2 mg1.5 mg2 mg2 mg3 mg2 mg2 mg01.5 mg1.5 mg3 mg200 mcgbone health, hormone management3 mg000150 mcgBoron
Black Pepper Extract3 mg00000000000enhances micronutrient absorption00000Black Pepper Extract
PABA/Taurine050 mg300 mg00050 mg37.5 mg00040 mg200 mg0000PABA/Taurine
Base/other herbals01,540 mg^425 mg^00151 mg100 mg4 mg^00428 mg0vegetable, fruit, herb, green food base1,749 mg400 mg^0010 mgBase/other herbals
Other minor componentsyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesrutin, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, bromelain, glutamic acid, L-methionine, etc.yesyesnoyesyesOther minor components
Standard Ingredients

Standard Ingredients

Vitamin A2,500 IU5,000 IU1,750 IU02,400 IU02,500 IU1,125 IU0*002,000 IUHigher Beta Carotene:Vitamin A ratio is preferred. Beta Carotene is converted to Vitamin A as needed with no toxic build-up. *Doesn't specify breakdown.0*5,000 IU1,250 IU2,485 IU3,500 IUVitamin A
Beta Carotene12,500 IU10,000 IU1,750 IU7,142 IU3,600 IU7,500 IU15,000 IU6,375 IU7,500 IU*20,000 IU3000 IU05,000 IU*5,000 IU1,250 IU1,015 IU0Beta Carotene
Vitamin C500 mg1,400 mg620 mg600 mg400 mg500 mg1,200 mg900 mg500 mg850 mg300 mg30 mg2,000 mg120 mg180 mg120 mg150 mgVitamin C
Vitamin D-32,000 IU1,000 IU2,000 IU1,000 IU2,500 IU800 IU1,000 IU300 IU1,000 IU1,000 IU10 mcg100 IU2,000 IU1,000 IU1,000 IU1,000 IU1,200 IUVitamin D-3
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol)30 IU400 IU100 IU50 IU40 IU100 IU400 IU150 IU100 IU400 IU62 mcg80 IU+Other forms of E are listed above; saturating receptors with d-alpha blocks other tocopherols & tocotrienols100 IU100 IU60 IU+60 IU+35 IUVitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol)
Thiamin (vitamin B-1)50 mg100 mg25 mg75 mg50 mg50 mg100 mg22.5 mg25 mg40 mg60 mg20 mg125 mg25 mg1.5 mg1.5 mg4.95 mgThiamin (vitamin B-1)
Riboflavin (vitamin B-2)50 mg50 mg37.5 mg75 mg12 mg37.5 mg50 mg25.5 mg25 mg15 mg60 mg10 mg50 mg15 mg1.7 mg1.7 mg3.74 mgRiboflavin (vitamin B-2)
Niacin & Niacinamide50 mg190 mg75 mg75 mg60 mg75 mg200 mg315 mg25 mg110 mg50 mg30 mg190 mg50 mg20 mg20 mg22 mgNiacin & Niacinamide
Iron0000000-20 mg00010 mg0multivitamins should contain no iron00008 mgIron
Vitamin B-650 mg100 mg25 mg50 mg20 mg25 mg50 mg30 mg37 mg15 mg60 mg31 mg105 mg25 mg6 mg6 mg6.6 mgVitamin B-6
Folate (methylated)400 mcg800 mcg800 mcg400 mcg1,000 mcg800 mcg800 mcg600 mcg400 mcg400 mcg800 mcg#60 mcg# not methylated400 mcg800 mcg400 mcg#300 mcg#600 mcg#Folate (methylated)
Vitamin B-12 (methylated)500 mcg250 mcg500 mcg500 mcg600 mcg500 mcg200 mcg150 mcg500 mcg500 mcg400 mcg#80 mcg# not methylated600 mcg200 mcg25 mcg#100 mcg#110 mcg#Vitamin B-12 (methylated)
Biotin150 mcg300 mcg3,000 mcg500 mcg1,000 mcg800 mcg300 mcg150 mcg200 mcg400 mcg600 mcg80 mcg3,000 mcg500 mcg30 mcg30 mcg300 mcgBiotin
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5)50 mg500 mg50 mg250 mg45 mg50 mg400 mg150 mg150 mg350 mg50 mg100 mg600 mg75 mg10 mg10 mg16.5 mgPantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5)
Calcium61 mg500 mg150 mg100 mg88 mg300 mg253 mg375 mg100 mg300 mg240 mg20 mgIncreasing concern that high dose calcium buffers simultaneous dosing of other micronutrients.460 mg0200 mg210 mg500 mgCalcium
Iodine100 mcg200 mcg200 mcg200 mcg150 mcg200 mcg150 mcg114 mcg112 mcg225 mcg150 mcg0150 mcg150 mcg150 mcg150 mcg150 mcgIodine
Magnesium100 mg500 mg150 mg200 mg170 mg150 mg200 mg187.5 mg200 mg275 mg240 mg20 mg400 mg40 mg100 mg75 mg50 mgMagnesium
Zinc15 mg25 mg15 mg25 mg30 mg15 mg15 mg15.5 mg10 mg15 mg15 mg6 mg35 mg15 mg15 mg15 mg30 mgZinc
Selenium100 mcg200 mcg70 mcg250 mcg200 mcg200 mcg200 mcg150 mcg100 mcg200 mcg200 mcg40 mcg200 mcg100 mcg70 mcg21 mcg70 mcgSelenium
Copper100 mcg2 mg2 mg01.5 mg2 mg0-2 mg1.5 mg1 mg2 mg2 mg0Increasing concerns about toxicity.1 mg1 mg2 mg0.5 mg2 mgCopper
Manganese3 mg10 mg2 mg1 mg3 mg5 mg2 mg0.75 mg2 mg6 mg2 mg3 mg1 mg0.5 mg4 mg4 mg2 mgManganese
Chromium100 mcg200 mcg400 mcg200 mcg400 mcg100 mcg200 mcg150 mcg200 mcg200 mcg200 mcg80 mcg500 mcg200 mcg120 mcg60 mcg200 mcgChromium
Molybdenum100 mcg100 mcg0100 mcg100 mcg100 mcg150 mcg78 mcg25 mcg100 mcg45 mcg40 mcg125 mcg50 mcg75 mcg50 mcg75 mcgMolybdenum
Potassium50 mg99 mg50 mg100 mg099 mg074 mg50 mg75 mg020 mg35 mg0080 mg80 mgPotassium
Data from manufacturers websites August 2017Manufacturers highest rated product profiled.*<50% Is Vit A

+as synthetic DL-alpha tocopherol

^unidentified quantity in base@ <50% is K2

Wholly Immune powder is no longer in Comparative Guide

^unidentified quantity in base

Optimum Silver rated 4, but appears to be discontinued

Quality Ingredients:

Most of these practitioner multivitamin brands use quality ingredients in the standard multivitamin components, such as the methylcobalamin form of Vitamin B-12, the D-3 form of Vitamin D, and a mix of various forms of minerals utilizing the amino acid chelate or Krebs cycle form of the mineral for greater absorption.

Maximum Vitality® includes a number of expensive ingredients not included in other practitioner multivitamins. These include Coenzyme Q10, trans-Resveratrol, alpha- and r-lipoic acid, the gamma tocopherol and tocotrienol forms of vitamin E, and proanthocyanidins from grape seed. Many of the ingredients in prophylactic doses are included to balance and enhance overall health. These dosages are not intended to cure disease or patients with serious deficiencies.

See Quality at RSLabs for more information.


With the lowest price per month compared to lesser, 4-Star-rated multivitamins, patients are pleased in the choice of Maximum Vitality as the patient greatest value among practitioner multivitamins.


Compliance is perhaps the most critical confounding factor. For if the patient is required to follow too difficult a dosing protocol, and ends up not taking their multivitamin, then no matter how high the quality, the unused supplements provide no value. Maximum Vitality provides the greatest opportunity for compliance in this practitioner multivitamin comparison with a dose of only 4 tablets per day.

Independent Rating

Confirming the sophisticated formulation and quality ingredients, Lyle MacWilliam’s 2017 6th edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements assigned Maximum Vitality® the only top 5-Star rating among practitioner multivitamin brands. Past editions show Maximum Vitality rating 5-Stars in the 2014 and 2007 editions, and 100 in an update to their 2003 edition, the only practitioner brand multivitamin to demonstrate ongoing enhancements to maintain a top rating for over 14 years.