Best Biohacking Supplement

How to pick the best biohacking supplement?

As a biohacker, you’re always looking for new ways to improve your health and well-being. But with so many different supplements on the market, it can be tough to know which ones are right for you. So, what’s the best place for a biohacker to start with their supplements? Read on to find out!

Start at the beginning. Begin with a sophisticated, robust multivitamin, such as Maximum Vitality® ESP multi which contains 67 micronutrients, to fill the inevitable gaps in any diet.

Some people think that a diet full of different foods is not necessary to maintain good health, but the fact remains: many essential nutrients come from food sources other than those included in your standard American diet (sometimes called SAD). Organ meats such as heart or liver are quite high on the list for their energy nutrients – CoQ10, B-complex vitamins; whole eggs have small amounts also provide energy nutrients; while pasteurized milk removes its key nutrients – probiotics!  Wild fish and shellfish provide key omega 3 fatty acids for blood and brain function as well as trace minerals from the sea; if you fancy something more pescatarian– plus seasonal raw fruits/vegetables throughout the year provide key antioxidants and fiber when consumed regularly. Few people regularly eat such a varied diet.

However, as Professor Bruce Ames has shown in his published research, short- or long-term, episodic nutrient gaps, while having an undiagnosable immediate effect on the body, eventually lead to diseases of aging, such as heart disease, cancer, muscle atrophy, reduction in cognitive function, and many more. There is no silver bullet to replace good and varied nutrition. However sophisticated supplementation helps.

Thus multivitamins provide the best foundational nutrients for biohackers. Most people do not have balanced diets and end up nutrient deficient. As a biohacker, you should try Maximum Vitality® ESP multi, which is specially formulated with optimal levels of essential vitamins and minerals to support your health goals. Give the best biohacking supplement a try and see how you feel after a month!

We will tell you next steps to build on this foundation in future blogs and on the site.  Once you have established a strong health foundation with the best biohacking supplements, you can get exotic with those fancy treatments you read about on the internet.

PS: For those who are so informed, coffee and butter do not replace a healthy diet.