Cold Weather Golf Supplements

What can help me from getting sick when playing golf in cold weather?

Your mom might say: Don’t play.  But if you don’t do everything your mom tells you, try to stay dry and take your Maximum Vitality® ESP – Easy to Swallow Multivitamin and take Superfoods Immune Energizer™ for a few days before and a few days after a long day outside in rough weather.

Maximum Vitality ESP provides many nutrients in high dose that are recommended for immune support, such as Vitamins A, the B-complex, C, D3, E, K2 (MK4 and MK7), Selenium, and Zinc, as well as antioxidants Alpha-Lipoic Acid, grape seed extract, resveratrol, astaxanthin, and others.

Superfoods Immune Energizer™ is packed with organic greens, fruit, and adaptogenic mushrooms, all designed to support a normal balance of the immune system under stress. And with a wide array of antioxidants, polyphenols, and phytonutrients, this supplement will help to keep you feeling healthy all season long.

So, if you’re heading out to play in the cold weather this fall, remember to take your supplements and boost your immune system. And don’t forget to dress warmly! We hope these products will help you stay healthy and enjoy a great game of golf all season long.