Biohacking To Better Sex

What is Better Sex?

Sex involves the mind, the heart, the vascular system, the neurological system, and muscles. It also involves life cycles, lifestyles, and life experiences. Let’s explore how you can hack your way to better your sexual experience. It would be a great leap to say biohacking supplements can help with all these attributes. But here we go with our discussion of biohacking to better sex.

The Mind

What puts you in the right mind for better sex? In general, a successful and rewarding day at work, at sports, or at home, clears your mind of some of the distracting clutter that gets in the way of great sex. We have many sections on our website which offers you ideas to improve your focus, energy, and stamina to help you excel at work, home, or play.

Biohacking supplements can help you during sex with focus, concentration, and memory. We don’t want you calling out the wrong person’s name, do we? For the mind, these include Executive Edge Krill Oil, E=MC2 Endurance Formula, and Brain Nootropics.

There was a major study at the University of Ontario School of Medicine, using the same brand of krill oil that we provide in Executive Edge. It showed that 120 women increased their quality of life (QoL) after taking 2-3 softgels of Executive Edge daily (for a daily dose of 1 – 1.5 grams krill oil) for 3 months versus 3 grams/day of fish oil. Krill Oil dosing was based on body mass index (BMI – basically weight). 1

Categories measured in the QoL study include the following. Here I list the category, % change for Executive Edge users, % change for fish oil users. Physical Function +39%, +10%; Fatigue -51%, -21%; Pain -31%, -14%; Social Function +33%, +8%; Emotional Role +58%, +2%; Mental Capacity +51%, +18%; General Health +47%, +18%; Physical Appearance +52%, +19%.

Quality of Life

Sometimes sex involves relaxing the mind, other times excitement is the order of the day. Either way, the ability to focus on connecting with your partner and the enjoyment at hand can be maximized when you are not focusing on 100 other things that are part of your life.

However, some people escape from reality with a vacation, others can escape inside their head. Others can compartmentalize and direct their focus on “the task at hand” and the person who they are with. Are there supplements that can help you to escape from reality? Perhaps some prescription drugs can help with that. The best biohacking supplement we have is CBD to help you relax and reduce occasional minor stress and pain.

The Body

Supplements that can help with your performance at work are described in our section on Executive Health. Supplements that can help you at sports are described in our section on Sports Performance. Even at work, endurance is a factor to excel.

Lo and behold, these same supplements help you with focus and endurance during sex. They include E=MC2 Endurance Formula to increase overall energy production, maximize endurance capacity, increase the number of mitochondria in your cells and enhance cognitive function.* E=MC2 works over the long haul. It’s not a quick jolt of energy then a drop off like caffeine. Memory Nootropics may improve brain function, focus, memory, creativity or motivation in healthy people. Herbal Siesta for a good night’s sleep, enhancing your all-around performance when you are awake. A good night’s sleep is especially important for your glymphatic system which functions 90% while you’re sleeping – the process where nutrients are delivered to the nervous system (brain, nerves) and cellular waste is removed.

Especially for Women

In the University of Ontario School of Medicine Executive Edge study mentioned above, women were also measured for physical and emotional effects on PMS after 90 days. Not only would these benefits affect sex, but they will benefit your whole family monthly.1

These are the categories which were evaluated, then I list % change for Executive Edge users, % change for fish oil users. Bloating -21%, -8%; Weight Gain -29%, -15%; Abdominal Pain -34%, -19%; Depression -39%, -13%; Feeling Overwhelmed -42%, -4%; Irritability -57%, -10%.

Women's Health

Hack your quality of life and its effect on the people around you with Executive Edge. You may not recognize yourself in 90 days.


Sex is about much more than a 5-minute experience. Haha, make it an experience of anticipation and 1-2 hours experience by biohacking with nutritional supplements to improve health in general, improve your day, improve your focus and concentration, and improve your performance and endurance.


  1. Sampalis F, Burnea R, Evaluation of the effects of Neptune Krill Oil on the management of premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. Altern Med Rev. 2003 May:8(2):171-9.

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