Best Golf Supplements

What are the best golf supplements?

Good performance begins with good nutrition and a healthy, pain-free body.  The best supplement for a golfer is a sophisticated, robust multivitamin, such as Maximum Vitality® multi which contains 67 micronutrients, to fill in the inevitable gaps in any diet.  Think about a well-tuned car – if its slightly misaligned or a tire is low on air – it pulls to the right or left; if it’s low on oil, the engine runs hotter; if a fuel injector is clogged, it doesn’t fire cleanly, if the remote battery is low, it may take a few tries to open the door. Its the rich combination of nutrients that make the best golf supplements. 

It is highly unusual for a person to get all the micronutrients they need regularly.  Some foods that are high in uncommon micronutrients include organ meat – heart, liver, etc., whole eggs, unpasteurized milk and yogurt, exotic nuts and fruits, wild fish and shellfish, fermented foods, and others.  Few people eat such a varied diet regularly.  

Maximum Vitality® ESP can help to improve your golf game. As a golfer you should try Maximum Vitality® ESP easy-to-swallow, multi-nutrient supplement to give yourself an edge on the green. Not only will this product make you feel better and more energized, but it may also help improve your performance.

Think about how much you spend to improve your game – buckets of balls, a gym membership, a personal trainer, private lessons, a big Bertha, a better balanced putter and clothing to look your best, win or lose.  Who knows, with a little investment in your body with the best golf supplements, maybe this will be the year that you finally break 100!

In future blogs, we will recommend the next best golf supplements.