Is Organic Food Good for You?

Is organic food good for you?

Of course, it is.  Certified organic means that the food was grown or raised in an environment that is generally free of specified contaminants, such as herbicides, pesticides, and coloring agents.  But I always wonder what kind of adhesive is on those organic stickers.

Organic does not mean or infer that the soil is rich with a great variety of nutrients that will provide all the micro-nutrients that your body needs for optimal health.  In many cases, an organic farm used to be a typical commercial farm where the soil was long ago depleted.  In the past, the organic farm was managed to have the minimum nutrients to enhance the weight/density of the crop, enhance sweetness, enhance resistance to spoilage, and other marketing traits.  Converting to organic does not necessarily enhance the nutrient content of the soil, it just ensures that the soil is free of application of specific contaminants for the past few years.

Organic food has been a hot topic in recent years, with many people wondering if it is really worth the extra money. Based on interpretation of the scientific literature, it is valuable to preserve your health by not ingesting herbicides and pesticides as much as possible.  

When it comes to food bought from small farms at the local farmers market, the value is a resounding yes! Food bought from small farms may be the highest quality that is generally available. Small farms generally use more sustainable growing practices, which is better for our environment. The produce is also typically fresher, since it doesn’t have to travel possibly around the world to reach your kitchen. So next time you’re looking for the best quality food, be sure to head to your local farmers market!

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