Energy Supplements for Sport Shoppers

Sports – Shopping

For some people the ultimate sport is shopping 😊. You know who you are.

Shopping involves creative thinking of what best solves your problem or fills your needs or desires. It involves analytical thinking about the pros and cons of various alternatives, the tradeoff of low cost to get your foot in the door versus higher cost for a potentially longer lasting solution. Shopping may involve trying things out, trying them on, analyzing reviews first to determine which are legitimate, and then to determine if they fit your situation. Shopping exercises the right side of your brain – are these the right color shades, does it compliment another item or my skin tone and style, how does this item make me look and feel?

Shopping may involve getting around town to kick the tires, or test drive, or feel the material or surfaces and see the color and texture in person.

Shopping can be a team sport – either with friends or your significant other. “You would look great in anything honey” is a key response that the shopping experience is going great for one of you.

Is it the experience or the result that is most gratifying? And then there are the returns which lead you to continue the sport on another day.

In any case, it is one more activity to cram into a busy day and remain upbeat while you are taking care of business.

Shopping is a sport you can also do online. So much variety is presented at Amazon, eBay, HSN, and Etsy. It seems that almost every store has an online presence. If this is your forte, you will spend an immense amount of time in front of a computer monitor or cell phone screen. These all emit blue light, which can be harmful to the rods and cones in the macula of your eyes. The antioxidants lutein, bilberry, and astaxanthin in colorful fruit such as berries are protective of the macula region in the back of your eyes.

So, we offer you not only information on supplements for the sporting shopper, but an experience of reading about supplements, compare your needs to their benefits, shop from home in our supplement store, and you can proceed right now with what you need:

A typical shopper needs: